Ayapakkam Neumayer After School Learning Centre

Ayapakkam Neumayer After School Learning Centre

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Chennai city is experiencing tremendous economic growth. The growth is unequal between the Cities and the Villages. This is due to lack of opportunities available to children in terms of education. Further, children come from economically and educationally backward area where the parents, who are primarily labours, are unable to guide the children in their homeworks and educational activities. We found that, not doing homework, is the prime reason for children getting absent to school due and fear of not doing and home and lack of confidence. We at “Ayappakkam Neumayer After School Learning Centre” are desirous of providing children with equal opportunities and quality education.

Children in the nearby schools are missing teaching standards which can take them to the next level – from being good students to becoming excellent students.

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The goal and objective of the Centre is to provide after school education to children to bridge the gap between what was learnt in school and to prepare them for the next day, apart from improving their skill in mathematics and computer knowledge. Ayapakkam came into being courtesy Rtn Dr Martin Gutsche from RC Oldenberg Germany and his desire to do something towards education of children. The Centre is also focusing on providing vocational skill training to students to build skill and confidence.

The centre is aimed in helping students to go to the next level and fulfill their dreams in becoming achievers. With these additional lessons and individual attention they will be able to sharpen their skills and improve their marks for easier admission into college. With the lock down in place, the students are either going to school and getting education or studying at home with proper guidance.

As an educator, we have a major role to fill this gap especially during this time of need and we have started online classes for Class 7, 8 ,9 & 10 since May 2020. During this time, we have reached out to our old students and to the local community for signing up for online classes and we have 110 students enrolled from Class 1 to Class 10 as on date.

But the parent who has the smart phone may not be available for fixed timing classes which lead to reduced attendance for live sessions and to prevent loss of learning; we have initiated recording videos explaining lessons and share the links to them so that they can access the files at their convenience. Even though we will follow up regularly, this will not match learning through “interactive classes”. The center is also aiming at getting laptops for the center so that our teachers will be able to facilitate enrolled students to attend online classes and also access study materials (audio / video). Interactive classes will be the way forward for this academic year and we hope our students will not miss the bus this year! This support, if extended, will be a game changer in their lives. Centre is also providing evening snack with proper nourishment to children.

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We are aiming at introducing “learn through fun” experience and experiential learning using readily available household items. We are also implementing “star ratings” system to recognize good discipline, positive behavior and improved academic performances. We are further aiming at improving the pronunciation of English words, vocabulary and usage of vowels. Math formulas are practiced every day and currently, we are teaching our students through Grouping system (Peer learning). Each group has 5 students combined with all classes except (10th and primary class). Every group has a leader who helps their team members for any simple queries. We will monitor the group regularly to track their weekly goal status. THIS WILL HELP STUDENTS TO LEARN LEADERSHIP SKILLS, TEAM MANAGEMENT AND IMPROVE THEIR TENDANCY TO HELP AND SHARE. Parents are also happy with this teaching methodology and we have also started collecting written feedback from them.

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