Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Healing : Awareness to Action

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Healing : Awareness to Action

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In India, 4 children are sexually abused and 2 children are raped every hour, according to the latest government statistics. 99% of sexual violence go unreported. Fear and perplexion and lack of parental support hinder the victim children from opening up on the issue. In majority of cases, the offender is a close relative or known person to the child. The excessive media influence creates adverse effects in children, making them more vulnerable to abuse. In young ages, there arises a strong desire for physical love and it results in severe sexual abuses and even gang rapes. Residential institutions remain one of the major avenues for child abuse in India.

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  1. To sensitize adolescent children on reproductive health aspects ; including  physical and biological changes while growing up, addressing myths, fears and prejudices on sexual behavior due to growing body etc
  2. Formation of students collective to provide peer support on sexual reproductive health issues in schools.
  3. Providing POCSO Act training to teachers , parents and police
  4. Psychological Counselling
  5. An interactive sensitization workshop in schools targeting 500  Adoloscent boys and girls in Moorai panchayat, Thiruvallur district. The session will be separately conducted for both boys and girls, having 50 students per session. The 3 hours workshop includes sections on Personal Safety, Abuse, Indicators & Effects, Prevention & Healing. This would be activity oriented session with emphasis on child rights as well. 
  6. Training to teachers and parents on their "Roles, Responsibility and Response towards child sexual abuse". The training would focus on giving them basic knowledge on child abuse, and equipping them with tools to address anxieties,participate in prevention of abuses and protection of their children. 
  7. Legal Assistance - For abuse cases which are brought out during or post workshops, legal support and guidance would be given to the victim through Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) 2015 and support of State Commission For Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR). 
  8. Sensitize girls and boys the age group of 10-16 on life skills
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  1. Children, both girls and boys become better aware of sexual abuse/abduction and importance of personal safety. They understand the differences between safe and unsafe touches, how to respond in an abusive (prone) environment, how to report to their parents/guardian and most importantly, how to prevent themselves from being a victim.
  2. More number of child sexual abuse cases being brought into limelight. Children being aware of the necessity to report any sexual abuse, with all due seriousness, there would be several cases which would be reported. Eradication of fear and refrainment from reporting a sexual abuse would be a solid outcome.
  3. Sensitization and training on providing care and support to their children make parents and teachers excel in their respective roles. An understanding parent or a teacher who lends ears to their children increases trust and protection within a home or school. More victims would share their cases and get required support.
  4. As a long term impact of the program (being provided consistently) child sexual abuses and abduction reduces in a considerable rate.
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