Help build a home for abandoned girls with intellectual disabilities!

Help build a home for abandoned girls with intellectual disabilities!

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Child abandonment has always been an issue in our country, even in pre-COVID days. That’s why Sri Arunodayam came into existence in 2002 to help alleviate this despicable societal practice through its rescue and rehabilitation services, while advocating for and defending the rights of abandoned children with ID who are unable to defend themselves. And now with the devastating effects of COVID-19 on families, the rate of abandonment will likely rise. Estimates say that children with disabilities are at a greater risk of being subjected to some form of violence. 50% of those with a hearing impairment and 60% of those with an intellectual impairment are sexually abused. 90% may not survive past the age of 20.

Despite the data, there are very few homes for abandoned children with ID across our country. Most homes function as “Day Care” centers funded by parents. Each month, Sri Arunodayam receives around 10-15 requests for shelter but is unable to accommodate new entrants as its current homes have reached full capacity. Pained to turn vulnerable children away, Sri Arunodayam commenced the construction of a new ‘residential cum rehabilitation’ home in August 2019 to accommodate 100 more abandoned children than it does today. 

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Although Sri Arunodayam had focused mainly on rescue in the initial years, today we have transformed into ‘residential-cum-rehabilitation’ homes offering comprehensive services and therapies for the holistic development of children with developmental delay and intellectual disability. Sri Arunodayam assumes life-long responsibility for abandoned children with ID, providing them with a safe/permanent shelter, nutritious food, medical care, and rehabilitation therapies so that they can lead purposeful lives and be integrated back into society at their own pace.

Thus, the construction of Sri Arunodayam’s new ‘residential cum rehabilitation’ home commenced in August 2019 and will include a fully equipped medical center, physiotherapy and special education class rooms, a vocational training center, and other living requisites such as dormitories, restrooms, a centralized kitchen/pantry and dining hall, hydrotherapy areas and a recreation garden space. The home will be able to accommodate 100+ abandoned children with ID who will be in the care of dedicated professional caregivers, special educators, speech therapists, physiotherapists, vocational trainers and medical care specialists.

As an NGO, Sri Arunodayam relies solely on Government funding and the generosity of corporate and individual donors to keep the organization running, especially as services provided to the beneficiaries are absolutely free.

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100+ abandoned children with ID will have a safe shelter and environment in which they can develop to their fullest potential.

  • They will receive the best (1) healthcare, (2) nutrition, and (3) rehabilitation that we can provide, for their physical, mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing.
  • A safe haven that upholds and protects them and their rights
  • Be protected and get legal help and fair treatment in the justice system
  • Be provided an officially recognized personal identity by our Government
  • Receive rehabilitation therapies in special education so that they can be mainstreamed according to their capability
  • Receive economic support, life skills and vocational training so that they can be suitably employed according to their capabilities
  • Receive protection from any kind of exploitation from the working community into which they might be placed


  • Galvanize the local community to get more involved in the lives of abandoned children with disabilities
  • Change societal mindsets and promote a more ‘inclusive’ environment for the disadvantaged
  • Scrutinize and implement child sponsorship opportunities as per legal diktats
  • Educate school and college going children concerning the preventable nature of ID and their role in ending its perpetuation
  • Galvanize local governing body support
  • Create employment opportunities for skilled community members through sensitization programs
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