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Human trafficking remains behind a veil in the communities of Chennai. The increasing number of missing cases of children and women reported in and around Chennai has made it the source, destination and transit location for trafficking activities. A Child Line India data reveals that more than 6 Lakh calls were received between March 2020 and April 2020, of which 18,217 calls required on-ground intervention and 19% of these accounted for cases requiring protection from abuse, including sexual abuse, trafficking, abandonment and neglect.

The worst of COVID-19’s impact is felt by Chennai’s most vulnerable. During this pandemic, they have been pushed into extreme poverty and the most affected are children and women. According to a study conducted by UNICEF and Save the Children reports that the number of children living in poor households across low and middle-income countries could increase by 86 million to reach 672 million by the end of 2020 due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. This means that children who are attending school may drop-out due to poverty. They will face various other issues like lack of access to health care, education, nutrition and fall prey to abuse and trafficking in many cases.

In South of Chennai, Kannagi Nagar is a notorious community with a population of around 1.25 Lakhs. Housing the biggest resettlement tenements, it is known to be the hotspot for crimes in the city. This automatically makes this community a high-risk area for children, making it very unsafe with threats of sexual abuse and early marriage, especially for girls. There are many unoccupied houses in the housing area being used by the perpetrators for abuse. A large percentage of girls are married early and many of them undergo abortion or miscarriages as young as 14. These existing issues have a symbiotic relationship.

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To ensure the empowering of young girls in Kannagi Nagar, we will be starting Project Sarika, a self-defence class for girls. Sarika in Sanskrit means ‘A Brave Princess’.

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Young girls must be equipped to spot the signs of abuse and trafficking and also be empowered to protect themselves. Self-defence is an overlooked but a significant skill that young girls can learn. To develop Sarikas of tomorrow, we need your help.

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