Smile Sadhana 2020

Smile Sadhana 2020

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Sadhana to ‘A Bridge of SMILES’. This project was named so with the intention to bridge the gap between the quality of education that the kids get based on their varied economic status. We help children gain values and education that bridges goals and accomplishments in a smile filled journey. It is also a bridge between ‘people’ who want to Sponsor and children who want to higher education.

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SMILE’s SADHANA is a similar devoted practice to help children from the underprivileged section of the society to accomplish greater heights in life intellectually and economically through the ultimate discipline ‘Education’”

Abraham Lincoln said,” Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe ”… Sadhana is exactly a mission to help these children sharpen their minds by bridging the barrier between poverty and education within practical limits. ‘A Rickshaw puller’s daughter got into a Medical College’ or ‘Tea Shop owner’s son cleared civil service’ is hair raising stories of our times.

This very fact is clear evidence of the reality that education, particularly Higher education which is so very essential for a decent survival in the society, is still a luxury of children who carry the chromosome of ‘Rich’ and ‘Educated’ parents. We dream of a world where a Rickshaw pullers daughter getting into a medical college is a norm and not an exception. We want to live in a society where the story of a Tea Shop owner’s son clearing civil service’ will not raise the eyebrow by a millimeter.

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We at SMILE strongly believe that “Nine tenth of Education is ENCOURAGEMENT”. Hence Sadhana project encourages and empowers meritorious students from economically backward section to pursue their higher education (post-SSLC/+2) by providing financial assistance, career guidance and developmental training programs

We have disbursed more than 87 lack rupees supporting 620+ students and conducted various camps on soft skill training, Personality Development Classes and Placement Sessions for the Sadhana students.

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About Battle of the Buffet

Battle of The Buffet (BoB) is an annual fundraising event organized by Chennai Mission, Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhini Trust, and Aram Porul to support NGOs based out of Tamil Nadu. Earlier, BoB was celebrated as part of ‘Daan Utsav’, a Festival of Giving. Due to COVID, this year BoB is celebrated in the month of Dec 2020.

This year close to 50 NGOs from Tamil Nadu working for various causes including COVID relief, education, health, livelihood, differently-abled are participating. Participating charities raise funds using this, while the donor gets exclusive access to entertainment and food from leading hotels, delivered at home.

Since its inception in 2009, this mega fundraising event has raised close to Rs. 30 crores, benefitting hundreds of projects and causes of NGOs.

Here is your chance to FUNDine to make a difference in the lives of people.

With a donation of ₹300 you can avail an exclusive access to a virtual event. If you donate ₹5000 you can avail a sumptuous dinner delivered home (home delivery within Chennai only)  

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