Therapy on Wheels for Senior Citizen and Differently Abled

Therapy on Wheels for Senior Citizen and Differently Abled

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Parents usually fail at early identification & detection of symptoms of their children being differently abled due to lack of and low level of awareness and education. At the same time sons and daughters of the senior citizens fail to take care of their parents.

Even if some of the parents identify the symptoms, they do not try the preventive measures and avail government schemes due to their poverty.

The parents are not willing to send their Differently Abled children to Care Centres and Special Schools because they are not able to carry the children physically and the children have no toilet controls. But Senior citizen facing problems at home due to their toilet control and other aged diseases. Also, the Senior citizen and the Differently Abled children are not able to brush, expect spoon feeding, dressing and cleaning themselves.

Physiotherapy is not affordable to patients it costs Rs.200/- per visit by Physiotherapists. Even if they try to take up these children, they have to forego their daily wage.

The Senior citizen and Differently Abled children do have less access to any medical care due to the above said inevitable reasons. 

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Awareness creation:

  • Senior citizen and Children will go through a career counselling session which provides them access to information about careers, education and livelihoods with the finest co-operation from the Dindigul district administration
  • To create awareness among the parents /caregivers of Differently Abled children (MR,CP & Autism) and Senior citizen about the current available health care system
  • Home based training on Daily Living Skills (DLS). Providing physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Nursing care at the doorsteps
  • To enable 60 Senior citizen and Differently Abled to receive quality health care at free of cost
  • Reducing the burden of Senior citizen and Differently Abled children parents
  • Improving the Life skills of the Senior citizen and Differently Abled children. Improve the status of Senior citizen and Differently abled Children
  • To look after themselves through therapies
  • The targeted IC, (MR, CP and Autism) affected children to avail direct benefits from this activity
  • Convergence with Government departments for facilitating the target, providing vocational skills development training in a smaller scale
  • Link with NIRMAYA Insurance scheme and Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance scheme which is launched exclusively for child with Autism
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Economic impact:

  • Reaching the unreached as moving without any hurdle.
  • Convergence with all the line departments moving towards sustainability and Linked with Available resources.
  • The parents of 60 beneficiaries need not worry the burden of cost of medical attention.
  • The 60 beneficiaries will get aids and appliances at no cost.
  • The 60 beneficiaries will learn all life skills at free of cost.
  • No need employ persons to assist their Senior citizen and children.
  • Eligible children will be main streamed after the training and Therapy services.
  • All the children will avail the NIRAMAYA to reduce their Medical expenses.
  • Eligible children will be enrolled under Autism Multimodal therapy scheme.
  • The 60 beneficiary’s living in remote and isolated areas are covered and the assets like van, TLM materials and equipment’s can be utilized for a long term. So, it will be very cost effective if we aim at the future beneficiaries.

Environmental impact:

  •  There will be no negative economic environmental impact in our project because there is no pollution of air and water. But socio environment will become conducive for the betterment of our target people. 
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